Considering smoking weed for the first time while in Spain? While laws surrounding cannabis in the country are looser than others, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared as a first-time smoker.

In this guide you’ll learn more about the effects of THC, finding a safe source, how to smoke it safely, and what the potential risks and side effects are.

In this article:

  • Smoking weed for the first time – what to expect?
  • Finding quality and safe cannabis.
  • Cannabis strains for beginners.
  • How to ACTUALLY smoke weed. The Dos and Don’ts
  • Cannabis side effects
  • Handling a bad high
  • Cannabis social clubs in Barcelona – a newbie’s best friend.

Smoking weed for the first time – what to expect

smoking weed for the first time

When smoking weed for the first time it’s important to let go of any expectations from movies or your friends. There’s no such thing as a high and not high binary, and it’s recommended to avoid trying to achieve a certain pre-conceived state of intoxication.

Instead, try having an open mind and being ready to experience many different outcomes. You might feel funny or great. It might just relax you. It’s entirely possible that you feel nothing – and that’s okay.

In some cases, you may even experience a “bad high”. While Spanish cannabis quality is highly regulated, your body might simply react to the substance in a particular way. Don’t worry, we’ll get into how you can handle such an experience.

At the end of the day, being comfortable with exploring the unique way your body perceives marijuana is what will make the experience of smoking enjoyable and interesting.

Finding quality, safe weed in Spain

Sourcing cannabis for your first time smoking is extremely important. Keep in mind that buying weed from dealers is strictly prohibited. So newbies are advised look for spaces where quality is a number one priority and is regulated by government officials.

Cannabis social clubs in Barcelona are usually considered safe and helpful environments for those who wish to start smoking. Joining such a club can be a source of education and support from local hobbyists and professionals with plenty of experience smoking. They’ll be able to assist you with finding the right cannabis strain for you while providing a support network and a fun venue.

Check out our guide on how to join a cannabis club in Barcelona if you want to learn how to get access to these clubs and their shared resources.

Cannabis strains for beginners

Indica vs Sativa if they were people

Here’s a big tip many people wish they’d known earlier – don’t obsess with strains!

Strains are usually categorized as indica or sativa. In many cases, indica-dominant strains are considered to cause a euphoric body high, while sativa leads to a more energized, cerebral high. The infamous OG Kush, for example, is a mix of 55% indica and 45% sativa.

While there’s some truth to the indica-sativa binary, it still entirely depends on the person. It also ignores very important nuances such as the CBD ratio, and the amounts of THC, flavonoids, and terpenes. 

Weed comes in many shapes and sizes. So when choosing, don’t think it’s just a matter of indica or sativa. Consider how you want to feel – energetic, relaxed, creative, or even munchy. Describe that, and the potency you’re going for to a cannabis specialist if you have to choose. Make sure to also address your smoking experience or the lack thereof.

How to smoke weed – the Dos and Dont’s

If you’ve never smoked marijuana, you’ll likely have to ask dispensary staff to pre-roll a joint for you. It’s recommended to start with a joint and not a bong/water pipes, seeing as the latter is much more difficult to operate, not allowing you to regulate your high as well.

Make sure you bring it to a private space (not in public) and grab a lighter. You’ll want to light it using a lighter or matches while dragging on it with your mouth. Always start with smaller puffs, as it’ll be easier for you to know when to stop. Wait a few minutes between every couple of drags to assess how well you’re feeling and whether or not you feel comfortable continuing.

Here are a few rules of thumb to consider for your time smoking marijuana.

  • Don’t smoke alone: Have a friend or a fellow club member with you, ideally with experience to guide you and be there to lend a hand if need be;


  • Don’t go overboard: Don’t underestimate the potency of certain strains. You might feel the effects of smoking with a delay, so always go slow;


  • Come prepared: Have food and plenty of water nearby. Not only will you probably get the munchies, but eating food could help mellow your high (plus, it’s really enjoyable). Also, cannabis affects salivation and will make you thirsty, so have a bottle of water on hand;


  • Free up your afternoon: It’s very stressful to have to deal with external stresses while high. Ensure you address all work and other outstanding responsibilities, so you can enjoy yourself stress-free.


  • Don’t mix substances: Avoid introducing alcohol or other intoxicating substances while consuming marijuana. This will increase the risk of adverse effects.


  • Relax and stay positive: Most bad cannabis experiences come from pre-conceived expectations or fears. Relax and keep an open mind. And don’t forget: Puff puff pass!

Bonus tip: edibles are different. If you want to experiment with edibles, aim for 2.5 milligrams of resin. Edibles produce stronger and longer-lasting effects as they metabolize in the liver. 

Addressing cannabis side effects and risks

If you want to smoke weed for the first time, you need to be aware of all the side effects and risks it comes with. You should also know which of the commonly known cannabis side effects are myths. Let’s address some of the most frequent questions surrounding cannabis use.

man wondering next to jars of weed

How long does a high last from weed?

Cannabis highs can last anywhere between 1 to 6 hours if you smoke it. It depends on many factors such as your tolerance, the potency of the strain, and the amount smoked. However, the peak will usually last for only a fraction of this time, followed by a mellow and relaxed feeling.

The effects of edibles last longer, even up to 24 hours. Starting, one is advised to opt to smoke a blunt or a pre-rolled joint.

How long does weed stay in your system?

Many people who consume cannabis for the first time worry they’ll get tested for it when they go back to work. So how long does weed stay in your blood stream?

  • In bloodstream – 12 hours.
  • In hair – 90 days.
  • In urine – 1-3 days.
  • In saliva – up to 24 hours.

These numbers also vary depending on how often the individual has smoked cannabis.

Can weed be addictive in Spain?

It’s much more difficult to become addicted to cannabis products than to caffeine and cigarettes, however, it is still possible. Mixing tobacco with your cannabis flower may expose you to nicotine.

Psychological addictions occur in long-term users due to using weed as an escape or a coping mechanism. As long as a user maintains a recreational intent and doesn’t systematically roll and smoke a joint, developing a physiological addiction is relatively unlikely.

What are the bad effects from weed?

So is weed bad for you? Well, it has its pros and cons. Let’s look at some of the most common concerns surrounding weed.

Is weed bad for the heart?

Some studies suggest that cannabis use may impact cardiovascular health, especially for users with pre-existing heart conditions, however, current science is not entirely conclusive. Users should make sure they source their cannabis carefully, as many bursts of heart rate post-smoking are caused by foreign substances added to the strain.

Is weed bad for the lungs?

If consumed through smoking consumption methods, cannabis can irritate your lungs and lead to the infamous weed coughs, especially if you’re not used to a smoking device or the act of smoking itself. Long-term heavy smoking is linked to an increased risk of respiratory issues. Vaporization and edibles, in turn, may be a safer alternative to those with more sensitive lungs.

To ensure the safest consumption, users should also look at the materials from which their blunt wraps and rolling papers are made.

Is weed bad for your brain?

Weed can be associated with negative cognitive and psychological effects like impaired memory, attention, and motor function, as well as anxiety. However, these are mostly observed in long-term smokers.

Can weed make you break out?

There’s very limited evidence that weed causes acne, however, it is possible that foreign chemicals mixed in with specific strains of cannabis can cause skin breakouts.

Handling a bad high

Weed is a passion for us. But we know that now and then, everyone can have a bad high. Luckily, there are ways to recover and take it as a learning experience.

First of all, what is a bad high?

A bad high can be different for everyone. It could come as a slight stomach ache, a rapid increase in heart rate, or psychological distress. In any case, it’s important to remain calm and remember that the effects are temporary.

Environment: if a user is trying weed for the first time in Barcelona or anywhere else in Spain, they have to make sure it’s in a safe space like a social club. However, grabbing fresh air can make a huge difference, so going out and changing up your environment is also recommended. This is also to avoid inhaling any second-hand smoke from nearby smokers.

Stay hydrated

and try to distract yourself. Breathe deeply and get some rest or take a walk – don’t pressure yourself with the “snap out of it” attitude.

The advantage of social clubs in Spain for first-time smokers

inside of cannabis club barcelona

In most countries, smoking cannabis is unregulated and more dangerous. Weed clubs in Barcelona, however, can be a safe space to experiment with such intoxicating substances and have a support network of other seasoned smokers or cannabis experts.

If you’re considering smoking weed for the first time, you can contact Smoke Signals – a cannabis club that can fill the gaps in your marijuana knowledge and tell you of the best practices, allowing for a much safer and more enjoyable first experience.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not legal or health advice, nor does it promote or condone the consumption of cannabis.