Joining a cannabis club in Barcelona is one of the easiest and safest ways to get access to weed in the city. The social clubs have an important role in the local culture and are a vibrant part of Barcelona’s scenery. However, becoming a member of a cannabis club comes with a whole set of questions that we’re going to discuss in this article. What are the requirements to join a cannabis club, and how to ensure you don’t break the law as a member?

In this article:

  • How do cannabis clubs work in Barcelona?
  • What are the requirements to join a weed club in Barcelona?
  • What is the process to become a cannabis club member?
  • What can you do in a social cannabis club?
  • Legal considerations about weed in Barcelona.

How do cannabis clubs work in Barcelona?

Before we get to the meat of the article, let’s take the time to understand the context of Barcelona’s social clubs briefly.

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What is the history of cannabis clubs in Barcelona?

Spain decriminalized the personal use and possession of cannabis in the 1990s. Since then, cannabis associations began to emerge as private non-profit organizations which over time evolved into social spaces where members could safely consume cannabis and share knowledge about its cultivation and use. Having more clubs around had a limiting effect on the cannabis black market.

Private spaces vs. public spaces in Barcelona

While selling cannabis is illegal, sharing it among private members in a closed environment is not. Therefore, cannabis clubs in Barcelona function as private entities where members contribute to the cultivation and distribution of cannabis. 

Any exchanges of cannabis within the club are considered a shared resource among members, not a commercial transaction. These clubs operate on a private membership basis, meaning they are not open to the general public. This distinction allows them to exist within a legal gray area.

The role of cannabis associations in Barcelona

Cannabis associations play a pivotal role in the functioning and regulation of cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Moreover, they act as a bridge between the clubs, the local government, and the general public, ensuring that the interests of all stakeholders are considered.

These associations work to ensure that clubs adhere to local regulations and maintain a positive relationship with the community. They provide guidelines on best practices, promote responsible consumption, and often engage in community outreach and education about cannabis, as well as push for more progressive cannabis policies in the region.

What are the requirements to join a weed club in Barcelona?

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Proof of age (mandatory)

The exact requirements to join a cannabis social club in Barcelona depend on the exact club. Firstly, there is an age requirement for members to be at least 18 years old, while some clubs may require members to be over 21 years old. All applicants must bring a valid picture ID.

Proof of address (optional)

Some of the more exclusive clubs may require a proof of address, to show that you are a Barcelona local. Such proof can be a rental agreement or a utility bill in your name. Most clubs don’t ask for this, but it’s good to know it’s a possibility.

Proof of welcome

Since cannabis clubs operate on a private members-only basis, you can’t just walk up to the front desk and demand you join. Officially you should get a referral from an existing member, or at minimum call, text, or email the establishment that you’d like to join beforehand.

You must be able to prove that your presence is welcome. While this may sound like a big challenge, a proof of welcome can be any piece of online communication, such as an email or chat invitation from the club.


Joining a cannabis club in Barcelona isn’t free. There’s usually an initial membership fee, which can range widely depending on the club’s prestige, facilities, and services offered. The initial fee is around 20 to 50 euros for most clubs. On top of the initial fee, clubs often charge annual dues to maintain membership.

These fees go towards the upkeep of the club, events, and sometimes even the cultivation of cannabis. It’s essential to inquire about these fees upfront, as they can vary significantly between clubs. 

What is the process to become a cannabis club member?

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The actual enrolment process is pretty straightforward. Once you contact a club with a question, they’ll usually ask you to come to their premises and discuss things in person. When you do that you should always bring a valid ID. 

As you join the club, you might have a brief interview with the manager of the space. These are basically orientation sessions where you get to learn the house rules and get to ask all your questions. After that, you will likely be issued a club membership card, although there might be a waiting period for approval, depending on the club.

For example, at Smoke Signals we minimize red tape bureaucracy and try to get our new members up to speed immediately.

What can you do inside a cannabis social club?

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The main idea of cannabis social clubs is to have a private safe space where you can consume cannabis products. Most activities are based around sampling the local produce, experiencing the variety in strains, socializing with other members, and potentially participating in club events and workshops.

You don’t buy weed

As we suggested earlier, cannabis is considered a shared resource for the club and you don’t get it via a commercial transaction. Rather you make a donation to the club, and in exchange for your goodwill, you get something of equal value. Buying and selling weed is technically illegal and you never know how jumpy the bud tenders can be. So be considerate and use a more indirect lingo.

You can enjoy food and munchies

While all clubs have food and drinks in stock, some also allow you to bring your own from the outside. However, you need to specifically check about bringing alcoholic beverages, as some clubs would frown on that.

You can have fun

Most clubs come equipped with everything you need to pass the time. From board games to PlayStations, and other in-house sports, like darts, pool, table football or tennis. As a member, you would get access to these, but you need to make sure that your club actually has these.

Legal considerations around weed clubs in Barcelona?

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To stay up to date on all weed regulations in Barcelona, check our dedicated guide Is weed legal in Barcelona? In short, there’s a weed limit of 5 grams per day that you can’t go over. Moreover, it’s illegal to take any weed with you outside of the club. Also, smoking weed on the streets is illegal and punishable. Keep in mind, that cannabis isn’t legal, it’s decriminalized and if you don’t obey the laws, you might get in trouble.

Final thoughts on joining a cannabis club in Barcelona

Joining a Barcelona social club is a great way for locals and foreigners alike to join a private community and partake in enjoying its shared resources. In fact, if you’re looking to get weed in Barcelona, joining a club is the easiest way to get access to the substance. Buying weed from dealers, or growing weed in plain sight remains strictly illegal. If you’re looking for a laid back international-friendly cannabis club, check Smoke Signals out.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not legal or health advice, nor does it promote or condone the consumption of cannabis.

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